Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Releasing Worries

Ages 6-14
Issues: Powerlessness
Purpose: To get children to recognize they can let go of issues they have no control over.
Materials: Balloons, small pieces of paper, and pencils
Encourage the children or an individual child to write worries, fears, or secrets on a small piece of apper. place the paper into a balloon, blow it up, tie the ballon, then release it into the air. Let the children watch it float away, and imagine their worries goingw ith it. Discuss witht he children how this makes them feel
To avoid relasing balloons into the environment, give each child an envelope or small paper bag in which to insert their note. Close or seal them and then place them into a larger bag or box. ASk the children to help decide where to send or deliver the collection.
**From Making it Better: Activites for Children Living in a Stressful World. By:
Barbara Oehlberg

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