Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Drawings for Power

Ages 6-10

Issues: Powerlessness
Purpose: To help children feel, in a positive way, more powerful and in control
Materials: Paper, crayons, pencils, paint, and brushes
Procedure: Have the child draw a picture of the following people, places, and situations:
  • Someone the child can always talk to
  • A place where the child can always feel safe
  • A scary dream or experience (After drawing it, have the child tear it up and destroy it)
  • The same or another scary dream, but adding someone or something that allows the child to feel safer.
  • Someone the child trust and respects
  • Someone who trust the child
  • A monster who is angry, sad, lonely, scared, or happy
  • A house or place where the child can feel protected and safe
  • A house or place where the child might not feel safe or protected (After drawing it, have the child change the house or place that it could be safe)
  • A home where the child once lived and would like to see again
  • A school or classroom that would be a welcoming, friendly play in which to be
  • Something that the child would like to take from the classroom when the child moves to a new room or school (After drawing it, if it is an ugly or unpleasant picture, have the child change it so that it is more comfortable or pleasing to the child)
  • Something that could be called or titled "anger, sad, or scary"
  • A wish or hope of how the child wants to feel today
  • A made, scary face (After drawing it, have the child change it to be less scary)

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