Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve: Healing Play

Issues: Unexpressed Feelings
Purpose: To help children identify, respect, and communicate feelings.
Materials: Variety of colored paper hearts (laminated hearts are an option) and double stick tape or regular masking tape.
Procedure: Post colored hearts on a wall along with a list of suggested meaning for colors. You may use the list here or encourage children to select their own meanings for the colors.
Blue: Sad
Blue Green: Worried
Brown: Frustrated
Dark Green: Comforted
Gold: Strong
Green: Cooperative
Navy Blue: Scared
Orange: Angry
Pink: Jolly or silly
Purple: Betrayed
Red: Happy
Silver: Lonely, brittle, cold inside
Yellow: Hopeful
Encourage the children to wear hearts, when they want, to communicate how they are feeling. You and other adults should participate. The hearts could be reusable and stored in a special place.
Source: Making it Better: Activities for Children living in a Stressful  World, Barbara Oehlberg, Redleaf Press, 1996

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