Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Magical Glasses: Activities Using Healing Play

Issues: Distrust of environments and adults.
Purpose: To provide opportunities to build security and trust.
Materials: Children’s plastic sunglasses and several pieces of different colored cellophane.
Procedure: Give a child different colored cellophane and encourage them to look through different colors. Discuss how items in the room, such as classmates, look through different colors but stay the same without the colored cellophane. Introduce and explain the statement “looking at the world through rose-colored glasses” means everything looks bright and hopeful. Consider these questions for discussion: How might someone use their imagination to change the way a place looked and how they felt about it? Looking through what colors might make a place look safe? Comforting? Peaceful? Relaxing?
Encourage the child to wear their sunglasses if they need or want to change their view of the room so it is more comfortable for them.
Source: Making it Better: Activities for Children living in a Stressful  World, Barbara Oehlberg, Redleaf Press, 1996

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