Monday, March 26, 2012

Testing Strategies for Students: Test Preparation

Preparing for a Test

·         Maintain good study habits: Do your class work.
o   Have a clear understanding of homework assignments before leaving class.
o   Keep a record of assignments received and completed.
o   Make a study schedule and follow it.
o   Also, be sure to write down all tests dates. This will help you make your study schedule.
o   Tell a parent or guardian about schoolwork and homework.
o   Turn all homework in on time
o   Get all make-up assignments when returning from an absence.
o   See teachers for additional help.
·         Seek and use past homework assignments, class notes, and available review material
·         Get a good night’s rest and eat a normal breakfast before testing.
·         Immediately before testing: just relax. If you feel anxious, close your eyes and take deep breaths.
·         Remember that a test is just one way, not the only way, in which your academic performance is measured.

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