Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Websites Just for Kids


Nickjr.com This website has great games all about your favorite Nickelodeon TV shows.

ChildrenWhoWrite.com This website is perfect for children who love to write. Children can submit their own stories.

Funology.com Kids can SAFELY surf the web while playing games, taking quizzes, learning magic tricks and trivia, and learn tons of wacky facts.

ABCnews.go.com/abcnews4kids/kids/index.html ABC News for Kids: This is a great way to get kids interested in the news and in the world outside school and home. This website delivers the news to kids in a fun way!

BillNye.com Bill Nye the Science Guy! Perfect for the science lover or science projects.

Animaland.org This child-friendly site offers interactive information on careers, animal care and general information about animals.

Agameaday.com This site offers puzzles, games, and related materials designed to stimulate learning, problem solving and creative thinking.

Unitedmedia.com/comics Comic Zone! Your very own newspaper comics section! Includes Dilbert, For Better or Worse, Peanuts, Rose is Rose and a lot more.

Kidshub.org Kidshub features free interactive lessons, educational games, puzzles and quizzes. Includes parent and teacher resources.

Disney.go.com Movies, animation—everything Disney!

Puzzlechoice.com Choose from crosswords, word searches, word play games, logic and number puzzles and more.

WLRA.us World’s Largest Roadside Attractions. Seeing these “largest” attractions, including the largest cow, catsup bottle and cuckoo clock, will make you smile.

Squiglysplayhouse.com Look here for games, crafts, jokes, brainteasers and more.

Garfield.com Heard the latest? Garfield’s the greatest! Check out what’s happening with everyone’s favorite fat cat! Jim Davis’s official fat-cat site!

Americangirl.com/fun.html The American Girls stories are told through the eyes of girls living in different time periods. This site expands on the stories and has a club for fans of American Girls.

Berenstainbears.com The official Berenstain Bears site, with activities and lists of books.

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