Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Owls, Foil, Glue, and Shoe Polish


1. Draw your picture on paper the size of your final cardboard. Just the big shapes, no details.

You could use coloring books, but the kid's drawings are so wonderful, I would hate to miss out on them!!

2. Go over your simple drawing with Sharpie.
3. Turn your drawing over. On the back, use your pencil on it's side to go over your lines.
4. Place your drawing right side up on cardboard and trace over your lines for a graphite transfer to the cardboard. (Or, if you want to speed this up, just draw directly on the cardboard. I like to teach the transfer skill, something they can use on future projects.)
5.Go over with Sharpie if needed to see lines clearly. 6. Use a thick, tacky glue to go over the lines and let dry.
7. Use a glue stick to attach the foil. (Shiny or dull side showing-you decide.)
8. Wrap the foil over the front and to the back.
9. Press foil down around dry glue lines. Use a paper towel over your fingers as you rub to avoid tearing the foil.
10. Then use a cotton swab up against the glue outlines once the foil is pressed down, just to be sure the glue outlines show up really well.
11. Draw patterns in all of the spaces with a dull pencil. (Use a variety of types of line and scales of patterns.)
Once you've filled all of the spaces, rub over the whole thing with black shoe polish, wait a few seconds, and wipe off. (I use the kind that comes in a bottle with a sponge applicator lid.)
Yes. Lots of steps. But the results are so wonderful!

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