Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flower Pressing

Pressed flowers can be used to decorate a variety of paper items.


  • Small flowers (pansies, violets, buttercups, daisies, and so on)
  • Newspaper or other absorbent paper
  • Heavy book
  • Glue
  • Plain note cards, note paper, or construction paper
  • Clear contact paper
Have the child pick an assortment of small flowers. Make sure she picks them when they’re free of rain or dew.
  • Place flowers between sheets of newspaper, making sure the flowers don’t touch each other.
  • Cover the paper with a heavy book.
  • Leave the flowers for a week or so until they’re completely dried.
  • To make stationery, have your child glue the pressed flowers onto plain note cards or note paper.
  • She can also glue the flowers onto construction paper gift tags.
  • To make a collage, have your child glue the flowers onto construction paper.
  • Turn the collage into a placemat by covering it with clear contact paper.

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