Monday, June 4, 2012

Creature Feature

With markers, paper and a vivid imagination, kids can invent and draw unusual, never-seen-before creatures.

First, help them brainstorm for ideas by asking questions about the animal. What is its name? Does it fly or swim? What does it eat? Does it have feathers? antennae? twenty-five fingers? Then, have each child draw a picture of his or her creature, being sure to write in the animal's name, habitat and physical characteristics. For example, the flippermoose has two heads so that it can keep an eye out for snickersnacks, its favorite food. When the pictures are done, your kids can tape the wild, new zoo on the refrigerator. Here's another more extensive example:

The Elkophanter lives in the Okefenokee Swamp. He eats alligator tails and swamp weed soup. He builds castles out of mud and rides electric eels.

- Elk antlers: where he hangs wet socks
- Sea sponge head: easy-wash hair
- Elephant ears: to hear his parents call for dinner, even underwater
- Saber-toothed tiger fangs: to chomp on vines
- Leopard spots: for jungle camouflage
- Webbed hands: for speedy swamp swimming
- Purple basketball sneakers: to outrun hungry gorillas

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