Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Designing a Dream House: Drawing & Thinking about a "Safe Place"

Issues: Powerlessness, insecurity.
Purpose: To help children design their dream house.
Materials: Crayons or markers, large construction paper, rulers, pencils, and a sample house plan.
Procedure: Discuss the importance of dreams and the ability to think about our dreams whenever we want to. Give each child paper, markers, and other materials necessary to design their dream house. Encourage the children to draw plans of a dream house that they can visit whenever they need to. Younger children can describe the floor plan to you. You can draw the floor plan. They can fill in the details.
Suggestions: Talk about safe places and how everyone needs such a place. Ask them how a safe place would feel to them. Then have them look at their dream house. Is there a safe place for them there? How could they change their plan to include such a place?
Source: Making it Better: Activities for Children living in a Stressful World, Barbara Oehlberg, Redleaf Press, 1996

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