Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Caring Coupons

Issues: Feeling unloved and unlovable.
Purpose: To help children discover their capacity to care for others and help themselves at the same time.
Materials: Pencils, crayons, and unlined 3”x5” cards in two different colors, if possible.
Procedure: Discuss and explain coupons. What are they used for? By whom? When? Are they free or does a person have to buy them?
Explain that coupons do not have to be used only at a store and that they can make coupons for “Gifts of Caring” to be used when they want a hug or a smile. Hand out 3”x5” cards and ask the children to decorate one side and on the other side write the “Gift of Caring” they choose. For younger children, you can write the suggestions for “Gifts of Caring” for them. Encourage them to give the coupons to others at home or school when they want to receive or give a little caring.
If you have two different colors of cards, use one color for giving care coupons, and another for receiving care coupons.
Examples of Gifts of Caring to give to others:
I will play with you today.
I will smile at you today.
I will be your special friend today.
I will give you a hug today.
I will sit next to you today.
I will comfort you today.
Examples of Gifts of Caring to ask to receive from others:
I need a smile today.
I need a hug today.
I need your friendship today.
I need your comfort today.
Source: Making it Better: Activities for Children living in a Stressful World, Barbara Oehlberg, Redleaf Press, 1996

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