Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's in the News?

Clip out an interesting news story and cut the paragraphs apart. Then try to read the paragraphs and rearrange them in the right order. Clip pictures in the newspaper that you really like. Then try to describe them using adjectives. Do you like going to the movies? Many newspapers have a movie review section. Read the reviews of movies you want to go see. Are they positive reviews? Do you still want to see the movie? Go to the coupon section and clip out the coupons of products or foods that you like. Why do you like these products or foods? Do the ads make a product look more appealing than you know it is? Separate the coupons into categories such as breakfast foods or household products.
Source: Idea adapted from: U.S. Department of Education Activities for grades 3-6 http://www.udel.edu/ETL/RWN/Encourage.html

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