Thursday, January 12, 2012

Talking About Feelings/ Short Story

Talking about our feelings can be difficult and sometimes people keep them bottled up inside. Sometimes it can make us feel better if we tell someone how we are feeling. Practice talking about feelings by writing a short story using at least three words from the “Pleasant Feelings” and the “Difficult/Unpleasant” categories below. 

Pleasant Feelings:

Understanding, confident, easy, amazed, free, sympathetic, interested, receptive, kind, great, joyous, lucky, fortunate, delighted, thankful, important, ecstatic, satisfied, glad, cheerful, sunny, jubilant, merry, alive, playful, courageous, energetic, optimistic, free, frisky, animated, spirited, thrilled, wonderful, good, calm, peaceful, at ease, comfortable, pleased, encouraged, clever, surprised, content, quiet, certain, relaxed, serene, free and easy, bright, blessed, loving, considerate, affectionate, sensitive, devoted, warm, sympathy, close, loved, concerned, fascinated, inquisitive, nosy, snoopy, curious, eager, anxious, determined, excited, bold, brave, daring, optimistic, free, sure, certain, rebellious, unique, secure

Difficult/Unpleasant Feelings:

Irritated, enraged, sore, annoyed, upset, hateful, unpleasant, aggressive, furious, worked up, boiling, fuming, lousy, disappointed, discouraged, ashamed, powerless, guilty, miserable, detestable, disgusting, terrible, in despair, bad, a sense of loss, depressed, confused, upset, doubtful, uncertain, embarrassed, shy, unbelieving, distrustful, lost, unsure, uneasy, tense, alone, helpless, forced, pathetic, afraid, fearful, hurt, crushed, sad, tearful, dull, weary, bored, cold, terrified, suspicious, panic, nervous, scared, worried, timid, shaky, restless, cowardly, pained, offended, rejected, humiliated, wronged, grief, desperate, unhappy, lonely

You can use one of the following images to base your story on:


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